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Zinc One (Z.v) files a 44-101 short form prospectus

Do not say you were not warned by this humble corner of cyberspace. On SEDAR tonight:

(“NI 44-101”)
April 19, 2018
ZINC ONE RESOURCES INC. (the “Issuer”) intends to be qualified to file a short form prospectus under NI 44-101. The Issuer acknowledges that it must satisfy all applicable qualification criteria prior to filing a preliminary short form prospectus. This notice does not evidence the Issuer’s intent to file a short form prospectus, to enter into any particular financing or transaction or to become a reporting issuer in any jurisdiction. This notice will remain in effect until withdrawn by the Issuer.
“James Walchuck”
James Walchuck,
Chief Executive Officer

As they're going the 44-101 route it means that main player Elefterios Aligizakis, along with stooges Neumeyer and Ameduri, will be able to dump their paper immediately into the inevitable pump.

Glance Technologies (GET.cse): When a proxy slate battle turns into pure comedy gold

Before serving up the links, please be clear that this humble corner of cyberspace has no dog in this fight. In fact, your humble scribe only found out that this company exists this morning so no share position here and no worries about how the proxy battle turns out, either. 

With that said, be aware that GET board of director member, one Penny Green, is heading a dissident slate and is looking to wrest control from the current board and officers. To that end, she has nominated a new slate to be considered by shareholders at the upcoming AGM. Therefore please take time and check out the following:
1) The GET NR dated April 12th that focuses on John LoGiudice, one of Ms. Green’s dissident nominees for the Glance Board of Directors.

2) The GET NR dated April 18th that focuses on Penny Green herself.

3) The GET NR dated April 19th that focuses on Hugo Kotar, another of the dissident nominees.
These three NRs are absolute comedy gold for connoisseurs of the Canadian Cap Mkts scene. I sincerely thank reader A. Person for bringing them to my attention, I've been wetting myself laughing all morning.

UPDATE: Reader 'T' adds:


I think you are missing the best part. Penny's sister is the CTO and the brother-in-law is the CEO. Talk about airing the family laundry for everyone to see!

All the evidence you'll ever need that Asanko Gold (AKG) is headed higher

Even after a dog's breakfast of a Q1 production announcement, AKG stock moves up on the day:

Right on schedule, this is a market saying, "We don't care any more, Gold Fields is taking away the debt and it's still going to produce 200k oz Au this year....optionality! Buy!". Also, as a more badly run gold miner is difficult to find, when GFI brings in its adult supervision it cannot get any  worse and will likely improve. This U$1.05/U$1.07 level is resistance, when it breaks AKG is going back to book value (around U$1.40) and Gold Fields gets its round of applause.

Disclosure: I'm long AKG since 93c a couple of weeks ago. Took on the trade specifically because of this as it's working as planned this shameless auto-pump post exists. Live with it.

Asanko Gold (AKG) 1q18 production

NR here. Well, this looks profitable:

Why is Peter Breese still CEO? Asking Gold Fields, asking anyone with a brain.

First Majestic ( (AG) puts in a stinker of a Q1

Right here, YoY drops everywhere you look. And have you noticed how all that "The Purest Silver Play Out There" talk has quietly slipped off the table? Nowadays less than 56% of its production comes from the metal in the corporate title.


UPDATED: 17 miners trapped in a Gran Colombia Gold ( mine in Marmato, Colombia

News this afternoon is that there has been a mine cave-in at the 'La Socorro' gold mine in Marmato, Colombia, which is one of the small scale mines in that town which supplies Gran Colombia Gold ( Rescue workers say the the trapped workers are alive and well and have enough oxygen to breathe.

UPDATE: They've been rescued. Good.

The 2018 World Silver Survey has a hidden bullish signal for the metal

The Silver Institute 2018 World Silver Survey is out (as from last week) so get your copy here, a free 104 page PDF download. And among the data on offer, this sticks out:

Coin and bar demand dropped substantially last year. That's what it looks like when silverbugs throw in the towel and that's as strong a contrary buy signal as they get. When the dumbest of dumb money does one thing, do the opposite for pleasure and profit.


Macri has not brought Argentina's inflation rate under control

The following is from IKN465 last weekend, an expansion on the fact that despite the way the subject has mysteriously dropped off the world's financial agenda (now CFK is not longer in power), Argentina's inflation rate remains stubbornly high and President Macri has failed to make the type of meaningful difference he promised. That could mean serious trouble for the Macri administration down the line, as history has ample evidence that Argentinians will only suck up a certain amount of austerity policies before pushing back. And hard. 

Read on.

Argentina inflation: Do not underestimate this issue
Not a mining subject, but anyone considering investment exposure to Argentina needs to consider this angle. It’s not easy getting an accurate historical read on the inflation rate in Argentina, firstly because it’s high and statistically that means even small margins of error compound into large ones over time. Secondly because the official INDEC stats people were obviously BSsing the world in the Kirchner years.

However, we can get a reasonable approximation using a hybrid of sources since the country’s financial crash in 2001. In the first period we rely on private consultancy data, that goes to 2012. Then in the period 2012 to 2016 there’s something called the “Inflación Congreso”, a database set up by the National Parliament (started by the anti-Kirchner parties) which gave an alternative set of figures to the official and way underestimating INDEC numbers. Then the last two years we can go back to the official INDEC body because though still likely biased towards the sitting government, it’s become fairly reliable. Put those together and this is what you get:

For what it’s worth, the highest peaks in 2013 and 2016 are likely BS, at that time Congress was equally guilty of propaganda as Cristina Kirchner’s people. But the rest of the data, taken as a whole, gives a decent enough snapshot and we see that inflation has revolved around the 25% annual figure for a full decade.

So to the point of this piece, THIS IS TRUE FOR THE MACRI GOVERNMENT AS WELL. It’s unsurprising that your people up North don’t hear about the rampant inflation any longer, what with the biz friendly/FDI friendly/financially orthodox Macri in power. But inflation hasn’t gone away despite the current government making it a linchpin of its macro policy to drive it down. Last year the inflation target of 18% max was roundly beaten. This year the inflation target was set at 15% and with the data just in for the first quarter (+6.7%) and the annual projections of private buffets at 25.2%, we even have Macri saying (16) they want to be “as close to 15% as possible”.

The big problem for us looking on is that inflation targeting is the central point of Macri’s austerity plan. Under CFK wages kept track of inflation, but Macri’s deal with Argentina has been 1) you get wage rises under the rate of inflation 2) this will help bring inflation down 3) in the longer term we’ll all be better off when inflation is low. Due to this, the population as a general entity has take a pay cut in real purchasing power terms and that’s okay for a while, the Macri model can promise jam tomorrow for a while, but patience is already wearing thin and late last year saw the first real and major union-backed national strike protests due to the degradation of the family budgets.


Alamos Gold (, guilty of sex discrimination, workplace discrimination and failure to pay worker's participation bonuses in Mexico

According to reports out of Mexico, Alamos Gold ( has been ordered to pay an ex-director of Human Resources in Mexico the sum of 47.2m pesos after being found guilty under the country's sex discrimination and worker discrimination laws. What's more the report states that AGI has also been ordered to back-pay the worker participation profits that it has illegally withheld from its Mexico employees since 2008. the total bill would come to around 950m pesos, which is about U$53m.

McCluskey: Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

PS: Isn't a payment of U$53m for breaking country laws a material event? Why do you have to read this on a pissant blog and not from the company itself? Inquiring minds (etc)...

Pretium (PVG): Aaaaaaaaaaand it's gone

Five day chart:

All those early Wednesday phone calls to clients, all that hype, all that sound and fury signifying nothing. Which brings to an end another gratuitous hitpiece post which was, in fact, basically an excuse to get this on the blog again (youtube here):

Angry Geologist does Evrim Resources (EVM.v) $EVM

Right here on this link. Hot stocks get two cents thrown at them from all angles, normal.

Evrim Resources (EVM.v): In praise of Joe Mazumdar and Exploration Insights

I strongly suspect that subscribers of Exploration Insights, the junior/exploration mining company newsletter run by Joe Mazumdar and Brent Cook, are very happy people today. What Joe and Brent understand is that in the very high risk world of their sector, you only need one of your stocks to run like a scalded cat to be a success and when the one that runs is a Top Pick...well, work it out for yourself. Just as one example of the close coverage subscribers to Exploration Insights have enjoyed recently is this line (and as I haven't asked permission, I don't want to publish too much of their subs-only material):

"...this will be a very interesting year for EVM and underpins it as one of our top picks."

Joe wrote that on January 9th, 2018. That's to say, here:

Exploration Insights isn't a cheap newsletter, but that's because it is by far the best on junior mining out there. Bar none. So maybe you should go and check out their website, too (plenty of freestuff there as well). And before you ask, for the record this post is 100% unsolicited, neither Brent nor Joe know I'm writing it and it's done for no type of fee, payment or anything. My benefit is pointing readers of IKN toward quality, that's all.

PS: On a quid pro quo basis, I get Exploration Insights every weekend and they get The IKN Weekly. And I get the better end of the deal.